Wednesday, February 12, 2003

by Jim L. Wilson
pub. Serendipity House, (C) 2002

Comments: Jim Wilson is a pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church and writes with a pastor's pen. In this book he covers seven fulcrum points for ministry in a post-seeker age: get creative, get spiritual, get radical, get real, get truthful, get multi, and get connected. Not only is this book full of practical and visionary stuff, but the book has its own interactive website, where readers can share suggestions for implementing the seven fulcrum points. Definitely a must read.

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Organization: the book is divided into seven chapters. Each chapter describes a fulcrum point on which to leverage culture and reach emerging generations. Each description includes a portrait of one or more churches implementing the fulcrum, a set of values that support the fulcrum, and cultural issues that can be leveraged for the church’s good (10) [creative, spiritual, radical, real, truthful, multi, and connected]

Intention: To equip and inspire churches to use these seven fulcrums to move the world, leveraging culture to the gospel’s advantage.