Tuesday, June 01, 2004

by Richard J. Mouw
pub. Fortress Press/Laity Exchange Books, (C) 1980, 144 pages

Comments: From the back cover: "Many laypersons sense a call to live as servants of Jesus in areas beyond the institutional church. But questions arise. What resources are available to laity in theology and piety? Are there connectons between evangelism and social action? How can the church equip laity for corporate responsibility? // Addressing these and related inquiries, Richard Mouw offers helpful insight into understanding the biblical foundation for the ministry of the laity. In addition, he develops practical guidelines for applying the gospel to the corporate dimensions of human life." Even though this book is 24 years old, Mouw has good things to say. The first chapter deals with the corporate calling, saying that the church's call flows from the fact that God is creator, that the chuch is one, and that piety is a "cultivation and expression of religious attitudes" in the world. The church is called as a body and each individual must find his or her place in that calling. Chapter two deals with the need for a theology of, for, and by the laity. It is the laity who know their context. They know the questions that theology must answer. Well, that's as far as I've gotten. More later.


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