Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dracula (The Collector's Library)
Bram Stoker, Jonty Claypole (Afterword)

This is first on my summer reading list. Hopefully, summer starts May 22, but that depends on when I finish my paper...

Update: summer officially starts at 5:30 pm, May 24. Not bad.

Update (7/18): I finished Dracula last week. Much like Frankenstein and Jekyl/Hyde, this book sheds light on sin and the human condition. The format is interesting: the entire book is written as the journal entries of the main characters (along with a few articles/letters). The book is long and not for the faint of heart, but for anyone who studies humanity and culture, it is a must read.

Format: Hardcover, 526pp
Pub. Date: September 2003
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books
Edition Description: Complete and Unabridged Edition


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