Thursday, April 05, 2007

An Emergent Manifesto of Hope
Edited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones
320 pages
Baker Books (April 1, 2007)


Doug Pagitt
earned an MA at Bethel Seminary. He is pastor of Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis, MN and is the author of Preaching Reimagined, Church Reimagined, and BodyPrayer.

Tony Jones earned an MDiv at Fuller Seminary and is a PhD student at Princeton. He is the national director of Emergent Village (EV) and author of Postmodern Youth Ministry, The Sacred Way, Divine Intervention, and more.

Both editors have been involved EV since before its inception. They are practitioners, thinkers, friends, and conversationalists.

The book opens with an introduction by Tony Jones, giving some background and setting the stage for the remainder of the book. The body of the text is divided into five parts: A People of Hope, Communities of Hope, A Hopeful Faith, A Hopeful Way Forward, and Hopeful Activism. Each part is introduced by either Doug or Tony. The book ends with an afterword by Doug Pagitt.

Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones intend to communicate and extend the friendship that is EV. This book is intended to be a good, meaning it is a product of EV, it is to be a discussion starter, it is--hopefully--desirable for its own sake, and it is filled with essays that provide good ground for growing. This text is intended to put forth the hopes and dreams of some of the voices in EV and, with God's good grace, be fodder for a good legacy.

NOTE: current study requirements prevent me from reading this book--and, yes, I'm quited bummed. It goes now to the summer reading pile--which pile is getting quite large.


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