Friday, October 19, 2007

By Eddie Gibbs
InterVarsity Press (2000), Paperback

Author: Eddie Gibbs is the Donald A. McGavaran Professor of Church Growth at Fuller.

Organization: The book is divided into nine distinct chapters. Each chapter discusses a key area in which the church needs to “undergo transforming transitions” because of current cultural change.
  • From living in the past to engaging the present
  • From market driven to mission oriented
  • From bureaucratic hierarchies to apostolic networks
  • From schooling professionals to mentoring leaders
  • From following celebrities to encountering saints
  • From dead orthodoxy to living faith
  • From attracting a crowd to seeking the lost
  • From belonging to believing
  • From generic congregations to incarnational communities
Each chapter ends with suggestions for implementation.

Intention: to begin a conversation as to how the church might traverse this transition and remain true to its message and mission.


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