Friday, October 19, 2007

By Michael Moynagh
256 pages
Publisher: Monarch Books (June 1, 2005)

Author: author of Changing World, Changing Church.

Organization: The book is divided into eight chapters. Chapter one introduces and describes the emerging church and related concepts and expressions. Chapter two, Seven Faces of God, describes values that might underpin emerging churches. Chapter three, “New world, new church,” places the significance of emerging church upon the fact of changing culture. Chapter four, “talking strategic sense,” places the practicality of EC on the fact of changing culture. Chapter five, “U-church for an I-world,” discusses EC’s potential to subvert consumerism. Chapter six, “Church! Get me out of here!,” describes EC’s challenge for Christians to rethink “church.” Chapter seven, “down to the local,” details some practical steps for local churches. Chapter eight, “fast-tracking new church,” offers suggestions for denominations and “streams” to respond to the challenge (33).

Intention: To inform those who want to know more, to “tease out the implications” for those who understand, and to encourage those who want to get started.

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