Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Coming of the Kingdom
by Herman Ridderbos
Tr. H. de Jongste, Ed. Raymond O. Zorn
Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company
(C) 1962
556 Pages

Author: (1909-2007) Professor of New Testament Studies, Theological Seminary, Kampden, The Netherlands (1943-??)

Intention: To show that the Kingdom of God is the central theme in Jesus' message (xi) by studying the text of the gospels (xxxii).

Structure: The work is composed of an introduction and ten chapters. The introduction surveys Kingdom of God discussions in the 20th century. Chapters are grouped into six sections.

The general character of the Kingdom.
  • I----The Background
  • II---John the Baptist and Jesus
The Kingdom has come
  • III--Fulfillment
  • IV---The provisional character
The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • V----The basic motif
  • VI---Salvation
  • VII--The commandments
VIII-The coming of the Kingdom and the Church
IX---The coming of the Kingdom and the Lord's Supper
X----The future of the Kingdom of Heaven

Resources: Three indexes: Subjects, Authors, Scripture References; endnotes for introduction and all chapters.


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