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Women's Ways Of Knowing: The Development Of Self, Voice, And Mind

Women's Ways Of Knowing: The Development Of Self, Voice, And Mind 10th Anniversary Edition
by Mary Belenky (Author), Blythe Clinchy (Author), Nancy Goldberger (Author), Jill Tarule
288 pages
Publisher: Basic Books; 10 Anv edition (January 8, 1997)
  • Authors (back cover)
    • Mary Field Belenky: consultant on human development; associate research professor at the University of Virginia
    • Blythe McVicker Clinchy: professor of psychology at Wellesley College
    • Nancy Rule Goldberger: psychology faculty at The Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara
    • Jill Mattuck Tarule: professor and dean of the college of education and social services at the University of Virginia
  • Perspective: All four authors come from the perspective of student development. All four decided to embody egalitarianism in the research and writing process and to learn from and trust the voices of the women they interviewed.
  • Organization of the Book: After a new preface (reflecting back on the process of research, writing, and dissemination after ten years) and the original preface (laying out in short, the intention and methods), Women's Ways of Knowing moves to an introduction (detailing the mentods and intellectual setting of the study). The bulk of the work is divided into two parts.
    • Part one uses William Perry's epistemological categories as a framework to understand the interviewee's perspectives on knowing.
    • Part two runs the categorized perspectives through the contexts of family and academy.
  • Intention (xxv, 3)
    • to "describe the ways of knowing that women have cultivated and learned to value"
    • to "describe the multitude of obstacles women must overcome in developing the power of their minds"
    • to "desribe five different perspectives from which women view reality and draw conclusions about truth, knowledge, and authority"

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