Monday, January 10, 2005

THE COFFEEHOUSE GOSPEL: sharing your faith in everyday conversation
by Matthew Paul Turner
(C) 2004
Pub by Relevant Books, 161 pages

Coffee House Gospel

I'm in the process of reading this and preparing a lesson series for the TFB College Ministry. I did an initial skim and can give this a provisional two-thumbs-up.

Here's a bit from page 22:

Although I believe it's a calling from God to share my faith in the everyday, I also believe He's given all of us a personal story to share--stories that simply show non-Christians many different pictures of the grace of Christ. These life stories are real circumstances that can simply give an individual who is lost a different perspective on eternal truths, pasions, and life.

Frankly, I'm one of those with a desire to share my faith on a regular basis, but who regularly uses the I-work-in-a-Christian-environment-and-don't-know-any-non-Christians excuse. Yeah, like there's no lost people at Starbucks or on the train. Right... The book already pinches.


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