Thursday, January 13, 2005

REIMAGINING SPIRITUAL FORMATION: A week in the life of an experimental church
by Doug Pagitt
(C) 2003
Pub. emergent ys, 176 pages

Reimagining Spiritual Formation

We've all heard of "spiritual formation." But does this terminology artificially divide the human person? What does formation look like if it's human formation rather than spiritual formation? Pagitt's book provides a glimpse into the life of one faith community--Solomon's Porch--that works at making spiritual formation human formation. The most impressive thing about this book is the look inside theologically thinking about church in indigenous ways. The stories made me thirsty for more. It's a quick read and a long think.

BTW, there is a book club for Reimagining Spiritual Formation at the Emergent Convention in SD, so if you're reading and you're going, I may see you there.


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