Saturday, January 20, 2007

Robert L. Saucy
256 pages
Moody Publishers (August 21, 1981)

This is a systematic theology, exploring the biblical data on the nature and purpose of the church. Saucy encourages the readers' examination of the biblical data regarding the universal and local church.

Thesis: The Bible reveals, not specific details, but principles-guidelines-patterns regarding the nature and purpose of the universal and local church. Each specific instance of church is shaped by history and culture.

Chapters 1-5 concern the universal church. Chapter one discusses the meaning and uses of the English word "church" and the Greek word "ekklesia". Chapters two and three explore the nature of the church as seen in the New Testament images of the church. Chapter four argues for the inauguration of the church by God on Pentecost, founded upon Christ by means of the Holy Spirit. Chapter five explores the functioning of the church in God's overall program.

Chapters 6-9 concern the local church. These chapters explore the biblical data on organization, ministry, worship, and baptism and communion.

There is a categorized bibliography with significant works noted and subject and passage indexes. There is no author index.


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