Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brian McLaren
240 pages
Zondervan; New, Expanded Ed edition (January 1, 2003)

This strategic, practical-ministry book, McLaren suggest thirteen strategies for doing ministry in postmodern culture.

Thesis: Postmodern culture requires Christians to do ministry differently.

  1. maximize discontinuity
  2. redefine your missions
  3. practice systems thinking
  4. trade up your traditions for tradition
  5. resurrect theology as art and science
  6. design a new apologetic
  7. learn a new rhetoric
  8. abandon structures as they are outgrown
  9. save the leaders
  10. subsume missions in mission
  11. look ahead, further ahead
  12. enter the postmodern world
  13. add to this list
The appendix includes exercises to help the reader implement the strategies. There are reference and explanatory end notes, but no index.


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