Saturday, January 20, 2007

John D. Caputo
84 pages
Abingdon Press (April 2006)

In this essay, Caputo intends to convince the reader that philosophy and theology function together in the search for ultimates. He accomplishes this by reviewing modernity's exacerbation of the alleged conflict between the two, and by breaking down the wall between the two with deconstruction and reconstruction.

Thesis: The co-functioning of philosophy and theology is seen in the long history of relationship, behind the conflict exacerbated by modernity, and within the sometimes hampered co-functioning.

Caputo states each of four theses then develops and supports each through one or more essay chapters.
  1. "And" is the most important word in the phrase "philosophy and theology" (chapter 1, stated on page 3).
  2. Modernity exacerbated the difference between philosophy and theology (chapters 2-5, stated on page 10).
  3. Philosophy and theology are two kinds of faith (chapters 6-7, stated on page 57).
  4. Philosophy and theology are different, yet companion ways (chapter 8, stated on page 69).
There are two pages of notes, primarily providing a few background discussions. Most helpful are eight pages of short biographies of the philosophers and theologians discussed in the essay.


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