Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inside the Organic Church: Learning from 12 Emerging Congregations
by Bob Whitesel
154 pages
Publisher: Abingdon Press (August 2006)

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Author: "author, professor and speaker on the organic emerging church, non-profit management and church growth. He is Associate Professor in the College of Graduate Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University"

Organization: The book is divided into three general sections. The first section contains the conclusions (yes, the conclusions) and an overview of the author's journey. The second section contains twelve chapters. Each chapter describes an organic (emerging) church via five movements: First Encounters, Dashboard (people, place, etc), A Fusion of Rhythms, An Interview with my Tour Guides, and What Every Church Can Learn. The final section contains two concluding chapters. Chapter 13, Nurturing an Organic Congregation, suggests a series of four seasons through which a leader might nurture an organic congregation. Chapter 14, Final Postcards, contains Whitesel's acknowledgments.

Intention: To help the emerging church and their parent churches to "understand how the Holy Spirit is leading his church to growth and health" (xxi).


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