Friday, October 19, 2007

Missio Dei
By Fred Peatross
116 pages
Publisher: Cold Tree Press (June 15, 2007)

Author: leader in a traditional church in Huntington, WV; former church planter in the Ukraine; living as a missionary to America; self-proclaimed renegade.

Point of View: The attractional view of mission misses the ways of Jesus and does not fulfill his mission.

Organization: There are two parts (deconstruction and reconstruction). The various chapters are organized under these two.

  • Attractional and Missional—the current culture demands a missional stance
  • Forging New Gospel Communities—the missional church is polar opposite with the attractional, yet might influence the attractional to engage culture and transform into mission
  • Evolution of an Emerging—movements begin with conversation; emergent may become a movement, but either way, it has influence
  • Missional Mechanism for the Attractional Church—an invitation to perpetually change and train
  • Think Globally, Act Neighborly—indigenous, designed space; evangelism as a process involving ordinary attempts; cater to one niche
  • The Importance of Perception—be friends; be friendly; be regular; be honest
  • Determined—this transformation is a long journey; stay committed and travel together

Intention: To make the case for and show a way for attractional churches to become missional churches.


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